Forthcoming IOP Conferences

Invited speakers

1st authorAffiliationTitle
John CanningThe Univ. of Sydney, AustraliaSensing with structured fibres and gratings
Prof. Philip RusselUniv. Erlangen-Nuremberg, GermanyIn the Brightness Bind Them: Light and Matter in Photonic Crystal Fibres
Prof. Michel DigonnetStanford University, USACoherent Backscattering in Photonic-Bandgap Fibre Optic Gyroscope
Dr. Marco PetrovichUniversity of Southampton, UKMicrostructured Optical Fibres for Gas Sensing: Design, Fabrication and Post-fab Processing
Prof. Wei JinThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong KongNovel sensors based on hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers
Prof. Martin KristenseniNANO, University of Aarhus, DenmarkSensing applications of silicon-on-insulator photonic crystal waveguides
Dr. Boris KuhlmeyUniversity of Sydney, AustraliaUltrasensitive refractive index sensing in photonic crystal fibres
Prof. Waclaw UrbanczykWroclaw University of Technology, PolandBirefringent microstructured fibers: new opportunities for sensing
Prof. Ignacio Raul Matias MaestroUniversidad Publica de Navarra, SpainNanofilm-based optical fiber sensor schemes
Prof. Bishnu P. PalIIT Delhi, IndiaMicrostructured optical fibers: The newest challenge to fiber designers
Prof. Francis BerghmansVrije Universiteit Brussel, BelgiumPhotonic skins for optical sensing - highlights of the PHOSPHOS project
Dr. Tongyu LiuShandong Micro-Sensor PhotonicHazard Monitoring in Mines using Fibre Optic Sensors
Prof. Juergen PoppUniversity & IPHT Jena, GermanyRaman meets Medicine – Raman spectroscopy a powerful tool in Biophotonics
Prof. Jonathan M. CooperUniversity of Glasgow, United KingdomNovel Dichroic Plasmonic Biosensors for Ultrasenitive SERS Detection
Prof. Jiri HomolaInstitute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech RepublicSurface plasmon resonance biosensors - advances and applications
Dr. Francesco BaldiniCNR Institute of Applied Physics, ItalyAdvanced biomedical optical fibre sensors
Prof. Tanya MonroUniversity of Adelaide, AustraliaNew soft-glass fibre-based biosensors
Dr. Robert A. LiebermanIntelligent Optical Systems, Inc., USAOptical platforms for biological sensing
Michael J. CichSandia National Laboratories, USAOptical current sensors based on localized domain effects
Prof. Young-Geun HanHanyang University, KoreaLong-distance remote sensors for simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature based on multi-wavelength fiber lasers
Dr. Gang-Ding PengUniversity of New South Wales, AustraliaSpectrally coded multiplexing for fibre grating sensor systems
Prof. Kevin P. ChenPittsburgh University, USAApplications of hollow-core photonic crystal fiber in bio- and chemical sensing
Prof. Kenneth StrainUniversity of Glasgow, United KingdomLarge interferometers for small displacements, a technological view of gravitational wave detection
Dr. Johan VlekkenFOS&S, BelgiumInstallation and test procedures of optical strain gauges for aeronautical applications
Dr. Jon Thomas KringlebotnOptoplan AS, NorwayFibre optic ocean bottom seismic cable system - from innovation to commercial success

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