Forthcoming IOP Conferences

Conference topics

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The conference will include, but is not restricted to, the following topics:

1. Physical, Mechanical, Acoustic and Electromagnetic Sensors:
Temperature; pressure; strain; vibration; acceleration; flow; rotation; displacement; generation and detection of ultrasound; magnetic field; electric field; current; and voltage.

2. Chemical, Environmental, Biological, Biochemical and Medical Sensors, and Biophotonics:
Remote and fibre-addressed spectroscopy; environmental monitoring; Photonic principles, devices and instruments for biochemical sensing; in-vivo imaging and monitoring; optical coherence tomography; agent detection; trace analysis.

3. Interferometric and Polarimetric Sensors:
Gyroscopes; hydrophones; geophones; and acoustic sensor arrays.

4. Micro and Nano-Engineered Sensors and Devices:
Photonic crystals; hollow core fibres; nano-materials and nano-optical devices; micro-fluidic devices; diffractive optics.

5. Security and Defence Applications:
Bioagent and biohazard sensors; intrusion detection; perimeter security; coastal and underwater sensors.

6. Smart Structures and Materials:
Structural health monitoring; strain and deformation sensors; fibre embedding techniques; condition monitoring algorithms.

7. Distributed Sensing:
Time; frequency and coherence domain reflectometry; Rayleigh; Raman and Brillouin detection techniques; sensing cable systems and designs.

8. Multiplexing and Sensor Networking:
Topologies and theories; multiplexing techniques; applications.

9. Passive and Active Devices for Photonic Sensing:
Sources; detectors; modulators; specialty fibres; integrated optics devices; fibre Bragg gratings; MEMs; micro-optical components.

10. Systems and Field Tests:
Installations and field demonstration of photonic-based sensing systems; metrology projects; commercialisation activities and marketing.

Further information will be listed here when it becomes available.

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