Forthcoming IOP Conferences

Programme: Friday, 9 October

SESSION Fr-01: Passive and Active Devices for Photonic Sensing
Chairs: John Canning, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia); Xiaoyi  Bao, Univ. of Ottawa (Canada)
Room: TBD

9:30 amPoint-of-care optical device for sepsis diagnosis, Francesco Baldini, Istituto di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara (Italy); Luca Bolzoni, Datamed srl (Italy); Ambra Giannetti, Istituto di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara (Italy); Giampiero Porro, Datamed srl (Italy); Folco Senesi, Cosimo Trono, Istituto di Fisica Applicata Nello Carrara (Italy) [OF101‑266]
9:43 amCharacterization of Tm/Yb doped phosphate microsphere fibre lasers for potential sensor applications, Shuying Chen, Tong Sun, Kenneth Grattan, The City Univ. (United Kingdom); Atasi Pal, Ranjan Sen, CGCRI (India); Carola Sterner, Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz, Acreo (Sweden) [OF101‑267]
9:56 amTunable optical delays based on Brillouin dynamic grating in a polarization maintaining fiber, Kwang-Yong Song, Chung-Ang Univ. (Korea, Republic of); Kwanil Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of); Hyuk-Jin Yoon, Korea Railroad Research Institute (Korea, Republic of); Sang Bae Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (Korea, Republic of) [OF101‑268]
10:09 amLow-noise semiconductor laser for optical fiber sensing, M. Poulin, S. Ayotte, A. Babin, M. Aubé, C. Latrasse, J.-F. Cliche, TeraXion Inc. (Canada) [OF101‑269]
10:22 amLong-period fiber gratings in twisted single-mode fibers written by high-frequency CO2 laser pulses, Tao Zhu, Yunjiang Rao Rao, Chongqing Univ. (China); King Seng Chiang, City Univ. of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China); Cuihua Shi, Min Liu, Chongqing Univ. (China) [OF101‑270]
10:35 amPoint-by-point Bragg grating inscription in single-mode microstructure fibre using NIR femtosecond laser, Kyriacos Kalli, Cyprus Univ. of Technology (Cyprus); Thomas Geernaert, Vrije Univ. Brussel (Belgium); Charalambos Koutsides, Cyprus Univ. of Technology (Cyprus); Michael Komodromos, Frederick Univ. (Cyprus); Tomasz Nasilowski, Vrije Univ. Brussel (Belgium); Waclaw Urbanczyk, Wroclow Univ. of Technology (Poland); Jan Wojcik, Univ. Marie Curie-Sklodowska (Poland); Francis Berghmans, Hugo Thienpont, Vrije Univ. Brussel (Belgium) [OF101‑271]
10:48 am to 11:01 amHigh-sensitivity FBG sensor made in bismuth oxide fibre with ultrafast radiation, Dan Grobnic, Robert B. Walker, Christopher W. Smelser, Stephen J. Mihailov, Communications Research Ctr. Canada (Canada) [OF101‑272]

SESSION Fr-02: Commercial Systems and Field Tests
Chairs: Wojtek J. Bock, Univ. du Quebec a Hull (Canada); Ralph Tatam, Cranfield Univ (UK)
Room: TBD

11:30 amInstallation and test procedures of optical strain gauges for aeronautical applications(Invited Paper), J. Van Roosbroeck, E. Jacobs, Eli Voet, Johan Vlekken, Fibre Optic Sensors and Sensing Systems (Belgium) [OF101‑273]
12:00 pmDesign of fiber optical high-temperature sensors for gas turbine monitoring, Michael Willsch, Thomas Bosselmann, Patrick Flohr, Ralf Kull, Siemens AG (Germany); Wolfgang Ecke, Ines Latka, Daniel Fischer, IPHT (Germany); Torsten Thiel, AOS GmbH (Germany) [OF101‑274]
12:12 pmStudy of a progressive failure in soil using BEDS, Michael R. Iten, Alexander M. Puzrin, Dominik Hauswirth, ETH Zurich (Switzerland); Stella Foaleng-Mafang, Jean-Charles Beugnot, Luc Thévenaz, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland) [OF101‑275]
12:24 pmHigh-efficiency TDM/WDM architectures for seismic reservoir monitoring, Roger I. Crickmore, Jolyon DeFreitas, QinetiQ Ltd. (United Kingdom); Phil Nash, Alan Strudley, Stingray Geophysical Ltd. (United Kingdom) [OF101‑276]
12:36 pm to 1:06 pmFibre optic ocean bottom seismic cable system: from innovation to commercial success (Invited Paper), Jon Thomas Kringlebotn, Hilde Nakstad, Morten Eriksrud, Optoplan AS (Norway) [OF101‑277]






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