Forthcoming IOP Conferences

Programme - Monday, 5 October

SESSION Mo-01: Special Workshop Session "Photonic Crystal Fibres for Sensing",  Pt I
Chairs: Brian Culshaw, University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom);  Alexis Mendez, MCH Engineering, LLC  (USA)
Room: TBD

1:30 pmCoherent backscattering noise in a photonic-bandgap fiber optic gyroscope (Invited Paper), Michel J. F. Digonnet, Seth W. Lloyd, Shanhui Fan, Stanford Univ. (United States) [OF101‑01]
2:00 pmMicrostructured optical fibres for gas sensing: design, fabrication, and post-fab processing (Invited Paper), Marco N. Petrovich, Ed Austin, Christos Grivas, Francesco Poletti, Adriaan van Brakel, David J. Richardson, Univ. of Southampton (United Kingdom) [OF101‑05]
2:30 pmNovel sensors based on hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers (Invited Paper), Wei Jin, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ. (Hong Kong, China) [OF101‑06]
3:00 pm to 3:45 pmSensing applications of silicon-on-insulator photonic crystal waveguides (Invited Paper, Presentation Only), Martin Kristensen, Aarhus Univ. (Denmark) [OF101‑278]

SESSION Mo-02: Special Workshop Session "Photonic Crystal Fibres for Sensing",  Pt II
Chairs: Alexis Mendez, MCH Engineering, LLC  (USA); Brian Culshaw, University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)
Room: TBD

4:15 pmUltrasensitive refractive index sensing in photonic crystal fibres (Invited Paper, Presentation Only), Boris T. Kuhlmey, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia) [OF101‑03]
4:45 pmBirefringent microstructured fibers: new opportunities for sensing (Invited Paper, Presentation Only), Waclaw Urbanczyk, Wroclaw Univ. of Technology (Poland) [OF101‑04]
5:15 pmNanofilm-based optical fiber sensor schemes(Invited Paper), Ignacio R. Matias, Francisco J. Arregui, Ignacio del Villar, Univ. Pública de Navarra (Spain); Richard O. Claus, Nanosonic, Inc. (United States) [OF101‑02]
5:45 pmMicrostructured Fibers: Newest Design Platform for Specialty Fibres (Invited Paper, Presentation Only), Bishnu P. Pal, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India) [OF101‑279]
6:15 pm to 6:45 pmSensing with structured fibres and gratings(Invited Paper, Presentation Only), John Canning, The Univ. of Sydney (Australia)

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