Forthcoming IOP Conferences

Oral and poster presenters guidelines

Presenters’ Instructions 

The lecture theatre is equipped with the following audio-visual equipment:

  • Data projector
  • PC / Laptop with PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat facilities (Office XP and Windows XP)
  • Laser pointer


Speakers wishing to use additional audio-visual equipment or intending to present from a Macintosh computer are asked to contact Jenny Bremner  ( before the conference.


Speakers are requested to bring their presentations on a CD or USB memory stick and preload them onto the PC located in the lecture theatre in good time before the session begins.  

Speakers should save their presentation into the appropriate pre-named session folders pre-set on the desktop and files should be saved with a filename comprising the speaker’s surname and initial. To optimise compatibility, particularly for the inclusion of multimedia components, PowerPoint presentations should have been saved using PowerPoint’s “Package for CD” facility. 

Direct connection of personal laptops (with set up in the break prior to the corresponding session) is an acceptable but not preferred alternative.  

The lecture theatre is large, and speakers should use a minimum 15-point font size in PowerPoint slides to ensure legibility.

Presenters are asked to prepare their talks to match the allocated times shown in the programme which will be rigidly enforced by session chairs, allowing time for questions.  The time allowed for invited presentations is 30 minutes inclusive of approximately 5 minutes for questions; the time allowed for contributed presentations is 12 minutes, inclusive of approximately 2 minutes for questions. 

Poster presentations

Posters will displayed during the conference in the Bruce and Wardlaw Rooms at the times shown in the programme. Posters should be Posters should be A0 in size with a portrait orientation (i.e., 1189 mm high by 841 mm wide).Velcro will be provided for delegates to fix their posters to their board.

Presenters are requested to consult the programme to find the index number of their poster and the session in which it is to be displayed.  Presenters should ensure that their poster is put-up on the board showing the appropriate index number in good time before the relevant session starts.  

Posters for the first session can be displayed from Tuesday 6 October and we recommend that for authors to get the best benefits they should put-up their poster by lunchtime on the day of the relevant session.  

The presenter or a co-author should make themselves available at the poster for the duration of the session.  Posters should be removed after the session in good time before the next one, and for the last session must be removed at the latest by 13.00 on Friday 9 October. 

Although organisers will endeavour to save poster material, no guarantee can be made for posters not removed at the correct times. 

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