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Ensure your browser's JavaScript is turned ON. JavaScript is used more and more frequently within our sites, either to add functionality, or to make the browsing process more streamlined.

Plugins required for this site
There are a number of browser plugins which will enable you to view the content contained within the Institute of Physics Web site, and its online services.

Download Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat
The Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you view and print PDF files on all major computer platforms. This is required to read many of our Electronic Journal articles.

Download QuickTime 4 

QuickTime 7
QuickTime is required for sound and audio clips found as multimedia enhancements to Electronic Journals.


MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group)
The name of a family of standards used for coding audio-visual information. An MPEG player is required to view some of the multimedia enhancements to our Electronic Journal articles.

Download an MPEG player from

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